Let’s Talk About Squeaks, Baby!

Ah, Squeaks.20150209_140646

He came into our lives on a cold and frosty February morning, nine days earlier than his due date and two days before our scheduled c-section. As a foetus he was lively, causing me very few problems (certainly less than JI!) and generally behaving in a typically perfect foetal way.

Born at The Ohio State University Medical Center, just like his brother before him, Squeaks was 7# 5oz and 19″ at birth. In comparison, JI was 20150226_1749178# 12oz and 20.5″ at birth – quite a difference! Within a few days, poor skinny Squeaks had lost so much weight he was down to 6# 2oz. It was up in the air whether or not we’d go home – and finally he gained six ounces and we were allowed to leave! Now Mr. Squeaks is nine weeks old, and he’s up to 12# 2oz and is 23.5″ long. He has gone from the 24th percentile at one week to being in the 66th percentile at today’s appointment! Yahoo! He just needed that fourth trimester to finish all his growing.

20150403_085049Squeaks is a very happy baby; he was smiling almost immediately – and I don’t mean gassy smiles! He is an excellent sleeper, following the rules most of the time, and a voracious eater… noisy too. People always ask me, “Why do you call him “Squeaks”?” and the answer is clear: once you spend a few minutes with him, you’ll know! He sounds like a20150413_180827 tiny piglet squeaking, even when he’s just lying there doing nothing, and when he’s eating he sounds like a baby pterodactyl!

Squeaks and JI were so different in both pregnancies, and Squeaks is very unlike JI was as a newborn. I am so excited to watch my new son grow and become his own little person! He’s already got a swell personality, and I can only imagine what is in store for us as we watch him get older.


*Squeak squeak snort snort grunt grunt*


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