Fourteen Fab Instagram Accounts


I love Instagram. It is akin to peeking into someone’s life and catching a glimpse of the funny/gross/beautiful moment that they just experienced. I’ve always loved photography, and I like how Instagram allows the common person to create artistic photos with a few finger taps.

Here are a few of my favorite Instagram accounts. Warning, some of these are definitely NSFW and may contain offensive material… cuz something is always offensive to someone! They all conform to Instagram’s policies, however, so there’s that.

Asshole Parents – This account will remind you how not alone you are in your parenting adventures. Does your kid think you’re an asshole because you won’t let them stick a fork in the socket? Asshole Parents knows just how you feel.

Women IRL – Women IRL (in real life) is an account that makes me feel so good about myself. I see the crazy things that happen to other moms and I think, “Wow, I’m not the only one!” Plus it makes me laugh almost every time.

Eff Your Beauty Standards – Started by plus-size model Tess Munster and run by a group of six women, EYBS sets out to break down barriers facing “atypical” people. Followers are featured daily!

The Vintage Mama – Lydia Hernandez is an inspirational mommy blogger. She homeschools, she writes, she creates, she does it all! I have been following her for a few years so we’ve had a few conversations on IG, and on top of all that she is a super nice person.

Kids are the Worst – Well, the title pretty much says it all. Here you will find a collection of followers’ photos showing just how kids truly are the worst at pretty much everything. Really funny stuff!

Toast meets World – This cutest King Charles spaniel takes you through her busy celebrity life. She was rescued from a puppymill by actor and comedian Josh Ostrovsky, and makes her living as a model.

The Fat Jewish – Speaking of Josh Ostrovsky, he has his own IG account where he posts raunchy, obscene, hilarious memes and photos. Careful with this one – it gets pretty dirty!

Pauly World – Paul Richmond is a friend of mine from high school. He is an artist, activist, and generally amazing person. This account gives you a peek into his life and art.

Mr. Kriss – Kristián Mensa is a 17 yr old artist from the Czech Republic. He takes everyday objects, like dry pasta or paperclips, and turns them into cute little doodles.

Mike Mains – My daily candy! Mike Mains is a Canadian model, and though I generally don’t go for guys of his body type, there is something about this guy that is just so sexy. Mommy needs sweets too hehehe!

You Will Rise Project – YWR is a foundation whose mission is to bring awareness about bullying to all genres of social media. Started by Linda Regula and Paul Richmond, You Will Rise gives people an opportunity to share their feelings through art.

TSA – Yup, that TSA!  The Transportation Security Administration has their own IG! This account posts photos of strange, dangerous, ridiculous things that people attempt to bring on planes, as well as featuring both human and canine employees.

Fashion Dads – If you’ve ever been embarrassed by your dad’s choice of clothing, you can’t miss this account. The men showcased here really bring fashion to a whole new level…!

Mr. Christian – Handsome Norwegian Christian write songs, makes meals, and entertains us all in the name of Veganism. If I could handle it, Mr. Christian could easily bring me to the other side of meatlessness.


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