Talk about TMI – For the ladies only!


So, I’m not usually one to talk about my monthlies to the entire world, which is essentially what I am about to do… However, I feel this info needs to be out there!

I recently started using the Diva Cup, which is a menstrual cup, in place of tampons and pads. I have never been totally comfortable with those forms of protection, and I’ve been doing this for 21 years! I always dreaded my period because it meant that I had to deal with those annoying diaper-like pads, the tampons that were drying and uncomfortable, the inability to do the “normal” things I love to do – like stand up from a squatting position. Being a girl sucked.

Enter an ad on the side of my Facebook feed: The Diva Cup. WTF? Gross. No way. I read into it, and changed my mind. Hmmm… This might not be too bad. I asked my friends if anyone had ever tried one. I only have one friend who has used a menstrual cup, and she loved it. She’s a professional hiker, and used it while she was hiking the Appalachian Trail. Well shit, if someone can use this thing while hiking crazy terrain, certainly I can use it in my everyday life! I was ready to try it.

Then, I got pregnant. So I held off on buying one. Of course, after Squeaks was born, I couldn’t use it anyway (LOL at the medical instructions: Nothing in the vagina for six weeks. NOTHING!). Well here we are ten weeks later and I’ve finally gotten my first period (Yay?) and I was so excited to finally use The Diva Cup!

The first day was a bit awkward. There are two ways to “fold” the cup to be inserted, and I tried the first way, which did not work. Once I switched to the other way, I had no problems. The negative reviews on Amazon claimed that it is very messy and disgusting and there’s no way you can empty/clean it in public. I totally disagree. It is no more disgusting or messy than changing a tampon, and there’s no smell and you don’t need to use eight feet of toilet paper to wrap it up and hide it in that weird metal trash bin. They suggest rinsing it with water every time, but it wipes clean with tp very easily.

The cost is kind of high, $30, but it is worth it. Just think about how much money you have spent on tampons, pads, etc. just to throw them away. It is like throwing money away, but a necessary evil. The Diva Cup pays for itself in just a few months, being that the average 36 pack of pads costs $10-15.

Overall, I would definitely suggest trying The Diva Cup. It is so comfortable and easy to use! And earth friendly!



3 thoughts on “Talk about TMI – For the ladies only!

  1. Sarah W

    I have been wanting to try a menstrual cup for a long time now. But, the initial investment is a little daunting. I just hate the idea of all the waste created by pads and tampons, not to mention TSS risk!

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    • Trust me when I say “DO IT!” I will admit that the two heaviest days were a bit messier and required more emptying of the cup, and I did use a pad one of those days. But one or two pads a month vs 5-10 or more? Hell yeah. I’ll take it. And zero tampons!


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