Margarita Popsicles!

YAY! Summer weather is upon us!wpid-pixlr.jpg

Okay, I lied. I hate hot weather. Give me 65-70F and I’m happy. If you can’t do that, give me freezing temps and snow! I hate being hot and uncomfortable, but JI LOVES to be hot. He gets it from his father.

After spending the weekend with my parents, JI has decided that he loves bomb pops/firecrackers/red, white & blue pops. We are completely broke right now, so I bargained with him: How about, while we wait until Daddy gets paid, we have homemade popsicles? He agreed! Yay!

 wpid-20150505_124902.jpgI sliced up four strawberries and distributed the slices evenly into each popsicle mould. Then I took some margarita mix (nonalcoholic), watered it down just a little, and filled up the moulds. They froze overnight, and JI had one when he got home from school today. He loved it!

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