Hashtag Adulting

fb_img_1476060371307Remember being little and thinking, “Gee, I cannot wait to be an adult!”? Well I wish I could go back to my younger self and say “Slow down! Enjoy every moment of this!” because I, for one, hate being an adult.

img_20161011_172529I got a letter on September 14th stating that in 60-90 days, our home would be taken from Poke’s name to the bank’s name, and “sometime after that”, it would go from the bank to HUD, and then there would be a sheriff’s auction. This past Monday, October 10th, I got no less than five advertisements from companies trying to “save the house” saying that the sheriff sale is on November 18th. What?! So I looked it up online, called the sheriff, and it’s true. Apparently they completely skipped all the steps in between, because it hasn’t been 60-90 days and the title is still in Poke’s name. I’m very confused.

20160920_092238However, though I am confused, I don’t care. It is time to gtfo of this house. This was supposed to be our forever home, or our until the kids outgrow it home, and now that we’re not a family anymore, it feels like a farce. Things are breaking and I don’t want to fix them, partially because I am still kind of resentful about what Poke did to us. This is his house, these are his children, I am his wife, yet he abandoned all of us to drink, do drugs, bang all kinds of random chicks, and so forth. All that while I held shit together here, keeping the children alive and keeping things running smoothly. Well, I’m done trying to keep up with a life that was meant for four, and I’m ready to move on to a life meant for three, just me and the boys.

528876_10151052090649801_1912186749_nWe are going to move in with my best friend, Flower, who has a pretty big house, and no children or husband or anyone else living with her. When I moved out of my parents’ house a couple weeks after graduating high school, I moved in with her. It’s almost like I’ve come full circle. I’m very excited to live with my bff, because she is the only person in my whole life, including my parents, that I could live with peacefully without issues. We have very similar quirks, and it works out. Granted, I have children now, but they’ll learn quickly how to live with their Aunt Flower. They tolerate living here well enough! The good thing about moving in with Flower is that we’ll actually be closer to my parents by about five miles, and I don’t have to completely relocate to a new city or state.

20160926_220340I have been seeing a man who lives in Michigan (I know, I know, bad OSU fan! But he’s not from there, he just lives there). We met online, of course, and we have been together for just over a month, officially. He has two kids, he has a good job, and he is very sweet and loving. This is not my first long distance relationship, but it is my closest, as he is only four hours away. Unfortunately, it has been hard for us to meet because of our conflicting schedules, car troubles, etc. Hopefully we can meet very soon, because if he is as good in person as he is on the phone, online, and so on, then I might have found someone I can actually be with long term. Overall, I am content with how my life is going these days. I have not been content in awhile, and it makes me happy.