I’m Back

It’s been a long time since I updated, thanks mostly to my chromebook keyboard suddenly ceasing to work properly. I don’t know what happened, it just stopped working one day. Then a few weeks later, half the keys worked but there was no real pattern to it. So I finally got a wireless USB keyboard and mouse from my dad, and now I can use my chromebook again! YAY!

ji2So anyway, kindergarten started off great. The first day was, in JI’s words, “Absolutely perfect”. I cried for about twenty minutes when he got home. Day two… shit hit the fan. My son JI was sent to the peak aka behaviour room. Day three, okay. Day four, his behaviour was so bad that I had to pick him up early and he was asked to not return. They wrote on the report that he assaulted a teacher. He’s five. He kicked her because she got too close. JI was off for the next week as we tried to find a spot in an ED classroom rather than the general SpEd/Autism room he was in the first week. We got a spot at a different school, and he attended half days at the original school for a week until the transportation was figured out.

He’s been at the new school for a full week, three days, plus Monday and Tuesday. Monday was his first rough day, but he got himself under control. Yesterday after lunch/recess, I guess he started melting down and couldn’t stop. The teacher called me at 2:45pm, and I could hear JI screaming. He said JI was throwing chairs, trying to bite/hit/kick, took off his socks and shoes and threw them, etc. He wouldn’t or couldn’t calm down. It wasn’t until they told him I wouldn’t be coming that he calmed down to get on line for the bus.

jiThe problem is that he doesn’t act like this at home. He doesn’t get violent or aggressive towards me or any other people – and to be clear, he wasn’t at school either, not towards any kids or adults until the adults attempted to get close to him. If he and I have a disagreement, I either remind him of his choices or I tell him the consequences of not doing what he’s told. I’m frustrated because I’m not the special education teacher, I’m not the expert, but they expect me to tell them what to do. I don’t know what to do because he does not do this around me! There was a short period of time when he did, but we suffered through it and moved on. I merely held my ground.

Is JI trying to feel them out? Is there something about school that changes a kid’s personality? Will this eventually pass, or is my high functioning, highly intelligent, super cute, loving autistic child doomed to end up in juvenile detention or some kind of home?! I know it’s the first incident but the way things went at the last school, I’m really nervous. We had a conversation last night and this morning about how he should act when he’s upset or angry, and I hope it sticks.

JI Evaluation Update

So, no answers today. They’re referring us for behavioural therapy and scheduling a targeted evaluation. They will specifically screen for autism as well as give him an IQ test. She said normally she would not suspect autism based on his overall behaviour, but since the autistic behaviours that he exhibited in the past have gotten worse and more have come up, she wants the targeted evaluation. In regards to the IQ test, she said it is possible that he’s above average in some or most categories, but below average in another, which could be causing his behaviour problems.


I don’t know how to feel right now. Like I’ve said before, I don’t want my kid to be autistic, but I want some kind of answers. It sucks being in this diagnostic limbo.

Colored Rice for Sensory Bins

Oooooh lookit me bein’ all crafty! Hahaha! Actually this recipe is super easy – all it takes is patience, rubbing alcohol, and liquid food coloring.


JI loves playing with his rice bin. It’s just a big Gladware container, I think a gallon (?), with rice and scoops. Totally simple, totally free!!! 

Here we go:

  • 1# rice, divided into 7 bowls
  • Red, Yellow, and Blue liquid food coloring (note: if you don’t let your kid have artificial dye, you might want to use all natural dyes, but I cannot attest to the colorfastness or if it will even work the same)
  • Rubbing alcohol

After you divide your rice, add 2T rubbing alcohol to each bowl, and then use the following chart to make each color of the rainbow.

  • Red: 5 drops red
  • Orange: 2 drops red, 3 drops yellow
  • Yellow: 3 drops yellow
  • Green: 2 drops blue, 3-4 drops yellow
  • Blue: 3 drops blue
  • Purple: 3 drops red, 2 drops blue
  • (I left one bowl of plain white for the heck of it!)wpid-20150505_181936_20150505182613677.jpg

After you’ve mixed the rice/alcohol/dye very well and all grains are completely coated, carefully (read: don’t touch!) pour each color onto a cookie sheet and let dry 24 hours. I put mine in the oven overnight, because I knew I wasn’t going to be cooking and it kept the rice away from the cats! Seriously though, DO NOT TURN THE OVEN ON WITH THE RICE INSIDE because rubbing alcohol is flammable, and could potentially start a fire.

Okay so the next day, when the rice has dried completely, dump it all together into a lidded container and shake it up. Let junior go at it, and get ready to sweep when it is all over. *wink*
Note: This rice is NOT edible! Watch your kids!